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Consumption Pandemic due to COVID-19

It has been over almost a year, where all of us have stayed in our homes. For the safety of our loved ones, ourselves and society. Even if we have been provided, the freedom of the movement and going to places. The things have changed and for the worse.

While having no substitutes of social interactions, we have taken social media as a platform for the fulfilment of the same. While these applications have been shown to have their own set of benefits, however anything of too much leads to its own set of harm.

While we do interact on these platforms what we have forgotten, is that it is more of a virtual environment rather than the real one.

Not only that, our lives have become that of being bombarded of screens, where we seek some sort of engagement from every form of medium whether it be t.v, mobile phone or computers.

However, the worst of the same is the fact that we have started to consume these forms of entertainment like breathing, where most of the things we consume are non-stop.

Just to take my own example, I had started having 6–8 of screentime of phone after the start of quarantine. And was on the peak for a long time, however, things became a bit better after I had started a dopamine detox for a week. (

A general day of my life

A lot of big entrepreneurs whether it be Steve Jobs, Elon Musk would rather suggest more time off the screen .

Even the youtube algorithm seem to take advantage of the same situation where the user keeps on clicking a video after video, as long as there is some sort of stimulation.

Perhaps, it is a time where we need to step back and look at a bigger picture ..?

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