The Problems of the Future: And what might happen?

Sahil Maheshwari
3 min readJan 23, 2021


While the future seems tremendously exciting, with the advent of new technology, and the upcoming growth in the fields of A. I and different field of technology, and particularly the news of electric cars, there seems to hidden costs which might be there in the future.

While most of the conservative people fear the growth of A.I and how perhaps the robots will overtake Earth as of in the future. Or even how the majority of the people will further get unemployed and how a lot of the tasks will get automated.

A funky picture of Robots killing humans

While these problems in themselves are huge and exigent in and of themselves. However one of the bigger problems which is the most definite and most concerning is the limit of human intelligence.

Right now, as we use A. I for solving our problems. Whether it be the invention of self-driving, or how we can use them for tasks such as Image Recognition, or Natural Language Processing. However, we are far from developing consciousness for robots as they use the weights/probabilities to find the most accurate solution for a problem.

Soon, we would require more knowledge, and even more understanding of technical subjects as a lot of labour work which we used to do can be performed by machines, many times better. And while there has been great progress in spreading of education by many great organisations like Khan Academy, FreeCodeCamp etc. What seems to emerge as a problem is more requirement of knowledge than ever before. Not only will things start taking new developments at a faster pace than ever. It will become very hard for people to keep themselves up to date on the new changes etc. While IQ of an average person has been mostly depended on the knowledge, and how we have improved the average IQ of a person over the years.

Growth of IQ over the years

The problems lie in the inherent factors such as Genes etc. Over 85% of the population has an IQ of less than 135!!

Normal Distribution of IQ

Which means that soon that 80% of the workforce won’t be useful, and over the years that percentage of people would keep on increasing as it takes lesser people for running an organisation.

While one could say that Capitalism is natural in and of itself, but I believe that we could create a much better world where we could use all of our potential.

Problem of Consumption

Just at the other end of the spectrum lies the problem of our ever-increasing speed of consumption of resources. While there has been tremendous improvement in technology, soon or later the solution themselves would lead to their own set of problems. For example, let’s take the example of Electric Cars such as Tesla, while right now it seems quite impressive. We need to take into consideration that the batteries which it uses are Lithium Ion Battery , and say after 50 years we would arrive problems of their safe disposals.

Lithuim Ion Battery Recyling

Their production problems etc. The inherent problems lie with us as humans as we consume, at the end of the day we shall consume something and there will be a need to ask those questions in the future when we might be standing at a population of 10 billion !!



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